Updated July 2019

Who are the Inclusion Team?

  • Head of Inclusion and SENCo: Mrs Antonia Jones.
  • Assistant Head of Inclusion/ERP Lead: Mrs Alison Lee
  • Pastoral Year Managers:
  1. Year 7 - Mrs Blacker
  2. Year 8 - Mrs Walshaw
  3. Year 9 - Mrs Crotty
  4. Year 10 - Miss Cambridge
  5. Year 11 - Mrs Clarke
  • Literacy Co-ordinator: Ms Stephanie Dorricott
  • Numeracy Co-ordinator: Mr Russel Bowry.
  • HLTA (Literacy Interventions): Mrs Caroline Harding.
  • HLTA (Numeracy Interventions): Mrs Sarah Redhead
  • Teaching Assistant Team Leaders (Learning Support): Mrs Susan Hutton & Miss Gemma Holgate
  • Teaching Assistant Team 

How will we know if your child has SEND and how will we inform you?

  • Your child's Primary School will pass on information to us
  • You may have concerns about your child's progress
  • We may talk to you prior to your child starting school
  • KS2 Data
  • Screening tests when they arrive (reading tests, Cats test, Subject base line tests)
  • Subject teachers and form tutors will refer students to us
  • Termly reports and assessments
  • We will contact you if we feel your child needs additional support

How might we support your child?

Moving in and Moving On - How we ensure smooth transition

  • Close links with Primary Schools involving the Head of Year, Pastoral manager, HLTA and SENCo
  • Taster Days/Curriculum Days for KS2 students
  • Transition Day in the summer term
  • Additional taster days where appropriate
  • Year 6 Parent Evening
  • Peer Mentors for Year 7
  • The Joseph Rowntree School attend annual reviews in year 5 where invited
  • We create individual transition plans for SEND students where they need it
  • Access to Sportability Club/Summer school where appropriate
  • Year 9 options evening, taster sessions, assemblies for KS4 courses
  • Close liaison with our Sixth form staff, Sixth form taster sessions/Visits to post 16 providers/Taster days/Transition plans where appropriate
  • Travel training for students where they need it
  • Close links with post 16 providers
  • Careers advice where appropriate

For advice on admissions for students with SEND, please click here

Are we getting it right?

We want to know if we are getting it right or if you have concerns. Please let us know via email, telephone or book an appointment.

  • Parents evenings (one per year)
  • Termly progress reports
  • Email/Telephone contact
  • Pupil passport
  • Annual review as appropriate
  • Parent forum and feedback forms
  • Student voice
  • Links with Form Tutor/Head of year/Subject teacher/Inclusion team 

Delivering high quality teaching for all

  • We are continually delivering professional training for all staff focusing on inclusive teaching
  • Teaching staff will be informed by the Head of inclusion of what adjustments need to take place in the classroom so that your child can access the curriculum at their level
  • There are 4 members of the inclusion team on the teaching and learning team within school
  • Half-termly focus fortnights which focus on Teaching and Learning
  • HLTA and TA team leaders who are trained to support students with SEND
  • Teaching assistants support students and staff 

Access for all

  • We meet with parents/carers and with the specialist teaching team we make decisions about any adaptations or equipment needed
  • Pupil passports in which students tell staff what works for them and what doesn't
  • Our new building was designed to allow for access for all
  • Popular and successful Sportability club
  • TA support where appropriate on school visits
  • Adjustments/adaptation to allow Inclusion in extra curricular activities/trips

Who else may work with your child?

We work closely with specialist team from outside the school, these include:

  • Specialist teaching team (physical & medical needs, hearing impairment, visual impairment)
  • School nurse
  • Educational Psychologist (EP)
  • Childhood adolescent mental health services (CAMHS)
  • Social care team
  • Health & Medical Specialists 

What do I do if i'm not happy?

Please contact us via telephone, email or make an appointment.

Initially, if you need advice or need to express some concerns please make contact with the Head of Inclusion/SENCO, Mrs Jones, at school, who will endeavour to resolve any difficulties. If the matter is still unresolved please contact the Headteacher, Mr. Hewitt and arrange to meet with him. If you are still concerned then a complaint should be made to the Chair of Governors.

Tel: 01904 554444 Email: [email protected] York Family information Service, West Offices, Station Rise, York Y01 6GA

Further appeals can be made to the Special Educational Needs tribunal, which is an independent body that hears parents’ appeals against LA decisions on statutory assessments, statements and education health care plans.

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