Easter Activities

Click HERE for a list of activities that students and their parents may wish to do over the holidays.

Coronavirus Updates

IT/Google Support

If your child is having trouble accessing Google classroom please contact [email protected] 


Year 11 Exams Update

As a school we have now received further guidance from the government on how GCSE grades will be awarded for the 2019-20 cohort of Year 11 students. We are still awaiting further confirmation on BTECs and vocational courses and we will update you on those as soon as the guidance there is clearer.

This year’s grades will be awarded through a teacher judgement that must be based on mock exam grades and other assessment work done in school. This will be the grade that students were likely to achieve at the end of their course based on this evidence. These grades will then be submitted to the relevant exam board. Exam boards will use this data and combine this with prior attainment data to create a calculated grade for each student. These grades will be indistinguishable from those provided in previous years and the distribution of grades will match that of previous years.

Students will be able to appeal to the exam board if they feel that they have been unfairly graded and the government have also said they will have the opportunity to re-sit the exams early next academic year or opt to sit these exams next summer.


Keeping your child safe online

There is a lot of support available to keep your child safe online. Below are some useful links to help parents and carers:
•    Thinkyouknow (advice from the National Crime Agency to stay safe online)
•    Internet matters (support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online)
•    Parent info (support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online)
•    LGfL (support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online)
•    Net-aware (support for parents and carers from the NSPCC)

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Gives free access to Twinkl for everyone during this time