Good Evening and welcome to our online revision evening. We hope you find the information on the site for this evening useful and informative. There are some resources aimed at supporting parents, such as the presentation on supporting from home and the pamphlets for parents. The information around chunking, interleaving and cognitive load is aimed at students and is a basic walkthrough of some of the science behind the types of revision that actually work. This is aimed at giving students an understanding of how their brains process and learn new information so that they can avoid some of the pitfalls and common mistakes that students can make. We will be covering these principles in school in much more detail, as well as covering some of the more practical aspects such as making mind maps and revision cards. The information covered in this site is intended as an introduction and if you would like more information please contact [email protected]


The Year 11 Team

Mrs Jacobsen: Assistant Head, Raising Achievement KS4. Mrs Jacobsen is available to discuss any academic issues or concerns, especially around revision and exam preparation. 

Miss Shepherd: Head of Year 11. Ms Shepherd works closely with year 11 offering pastoral support and guidance to students in year 11 

Miss Clarke: Pastoral Manager. Ms Clarke works closely with the year 11 cohort and supports students with mental health and engagement 

Ms Murray: Careers Officer. Ms Murray is available for students to book meetings regarding careers support through their form tutor


Available Resources for further support

We are increasing the number of revision resources available through parent pay, so please keep an eye out for new content and materials being uploaded for purchase through school. We also recommend the purchase of the CGP revision guide: How to Revise which includes some really practical resources for creating revision timetables and checklists.

For online support with revision, we recommend the use of Seneca Learning in many of our subjects, as well as Quizlet and Heggarty Maths. The links to these can be found on the year 11 revision site:









Year 11 Revision Evening Pamphlets