17 March 2020

Coronavirus Update

Tuesday 17/03/20

Self – isolation

In line with the government’s advice on Monday 16/03/20:

  1. Students should stay at home in self-isolation for 14 days if they or anyone else in their household has a persistent cough or a temperature. Please refer to the NHS 111 website for further information.If your child is staying at home in self-isolation please contact school to inform us of this and the end date of the 14 day self-isolation
  2. If your child develops a temperature or persistent cough whilst they are at school we will contact you so that they can come home as soon as possible
  3. No further information has been provided by the government about possible school closures.  We therefore expect students to continue to attend school unless they are in self-isolation or have another illness that prevents them from attending school

School events

We have made the decision to cancel or re-arrange a number of school events:

  1. The trip to Madrid 6th – 10th April has been cancelled. We are working with the travel company and insurance company to secure a refund for families.
  2. The Year 7 trip to Kingswood has been re-arranged from 30th and 31st March to 14th and 15th September. There are no cost implications for families from this.
  3. The Year 10 Parent/ Carer Evening 26th March has been cancelled. Once we know about the next steps the government will take we will look to re-arrange this evening later in the academic year.
  4. The Year 10 residential to York University on 30th and 31st March has been cancelled.
  5. The Post 16 trip to the theatre in Leeds 31st March has been cancelled. Full refunds will be given.
  6. The Easter Concert 2nd April has been cancelled. Full refunds for tickets that have already been purchased will be given.
  7. All sporting fixtures between now and the Easter holidays have been cancelled.
  8. All assemblies will be cancelled from Wednesday 18th March.

We are continuing to give students advice about basic hygiene methods that will help reduce the spread of the Coronavirus. Please encourage your child to follow these recommendations

We will update this information each day – please check the website daily for further updates.