I would just like to share some of the positive instances of Maths across the curriculum and good marking practice I gratefully received during the last focus fortnight.

As usual I was pleased to see such a variety of mathematical activities being used in other subjects, and also see marking that encourages working out to be shown.


Thanks again on behalf of the Maths department for helping all our pupils see how important and relevant Maths can be!


Here are some of the best examples:



Check out this authoritative marking from Mr Ayres: 


Here is a great Maths starter activity from Mr Cooper, used in languages, that could be transformed for your own subject perhaps?


Mr Simpson showed me this excellent marking which encourages working out. 

I must admit I was quite impressed.




Last week I was attempting to teach my year 10s about what makes a good questionnaire question and handed out my usual stock delivery "What's wrong with these questions?" sheet. Suddenly they all spoke up saying they'd already done the activity I just handed out  with Ms Wiseman in Sociology!


Mr Brierley has found an engaging way to teach reading co-ordinates from maps.


The English department are also managing to find creative ways of using Maths - here's one from Mr Davies. 



I'm sure Mr Marvell won't mind me quoting him, "If even Art can do it, then so can everyone".

I hope these examples are useful in your own delivery of any Maths content - please feel free to show me any more good examples you have when they crop up in your subject!

Once again thanks for all the support for Maths!


Mr Bowry

Posted by Joseph Rowntree School on 21 December 2017

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