This Tip of the Week was all about trying to freshen up delivery of the core aspects that each subject depends on, so that students remain engaged over time. It's particularly relevant for those lessons where students might be less likely to be focused off their own bat (we're looking at you, Friday p5)...

Dish out some whiteboard markers and try to get students moving around and engaged with the material in a different way. 


  • Blutac a copy of different short poems onto a variety of desks and ask students to identify and label the key linguistic tools that are being employed (thinking alliteration, assonance, metaphor, simile, etc) around the poem on the desk
  • WAGOLL: post-assessment focus on getting students to apply the mark scheme by identifying the aspects of an answer which gained credit, and where it fell short (colour-code). This could then feed into COW time on their original assessment. 
  • Source analysis: students to analyse provenance on a range of sources by commenting on nature, origin and purpose. 

This could be writing on desks, sugar paper in the break-out space in clusters, or moving between different information on the walls of your room.


Posted by Joseph Rowntree School on 20 November 2017

Category: Teaching & Learning Blog